About Renting Jeeps

Q: Does Pure Car Rent has jeeps for rent ?
We used to have a lot of jeeps for rent for decades. But we had sold out all our jeeps for years.


Q: What are differences between jeeps and cars ?
I think this is a good question, and people who have never driven a jeep before and want to drive it should read.

First of all, jeeps have smaller engine (1.3 liter engine) than cars, so jeeps are not powerful like cars. Especially when you drive going up hills, sometime you have to use only first gear or it may not have enough power to climb up the hills. Anyway by using jeeps, you can go anywhere else in Phuket Islands and surrounding area.

Second, jeeps are taller than cars, so stability of jeeps is not as good as cars’. You should not drive a jeep faster than 80 - 90 kilometers per hour. And if you use high speed in sharp curves, the jeeps may easily out of your control.

Steering wheels of the jeeps are also not good as car, especially for the jeeps which are older than 2 years. Nearly all jeeps have a little bit free period of steering wheel when you want to make a turn. But when you drive them for a while, you will get used to.

Although jeeps have five gears as most cars, sometime it's hard to change gear, especially when you want to change from 2nd gear back to 1st gear. If the jeeps run at speed 10 kilometers per hour or more, it's really hard to change from 2nd gear back to 1st gear. You have to wait until the jeeps nearly stop, then you can easily change the gear.

Although jeeps are not comfortable and good as car, many tourists are using jeeps to discover Phuket and surrounding area. And you can see people driving a jeep any where in Phuket Island. By answering this question, I just want you to know the nature of jeeps. I don't want to scare you, but I want to warn you to be careful when you drive a jeep. If you drive slowly and carefully, jeeps are good enough for you.


Q: What are differences between Suzuki Caribian and Suzuki Sporty jeeps ?
Suzuki Caribian and Suzuki Sporty jeeps are nearly same. Both jeeps have 1.3 liter engine, manual transmission, and nearly the same dimension. The differences are..

- Suzuki Caribain has 3 doors, but Suzuki Sporty has 2 doors.

- Suzuki Caribian has 4 seats, but Suzuki Sporty has 2 seats and small space cab with small seat behind front seats.

- Suzuki Caribian has full cover roof, but Suzuki Sporty is like a pick up truck.

You should also know that we don’t have new Suzuki Caribian jeeps in Thailand, because there were no new Suzuki Caribian jeeps sold in Thailand for many years. So what we can do now is maintaining our Suzuki Caribian jeeps to be in good condition, although they are not good as new jeeps, they are good enough to drive safely. So if you are a group of 2 people or less, and want to use a jeep, we recommend you to use Suzuki Sporty.