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Travel Information - Phuket Province

     Welcome to Phuket, the pearl of Andaman, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. There are millions of tourists from around the world visit Phuket each year. There are a lot activities you can do on and off the island besides swimming and sunbathing. Our webpages will recommend you what to do and see on and off Phuket Island.

     Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and is large enough to be one province in Thailand. There are many wonderful beaches along the island. Not only the beaches that make Phuket very popular, but Phuket has so many tourist attractions that you should never miss. Many wonderful surrounding islands, that can be reached from Phuket, also make Phuket to be one of best places for tourists.

      We hope that our webpages can help you discover Phuket easily in a way you want. Hope you enjoy your traveling to Phuket, the paradise of Andaman.

      Many thanks to TOURISM AUTHORITY OF THAILAND, Southern Office: Region 4, for providing us information about Phuket and surrounding area.