Pure Motorbike Rental - Terms & Conditions

Pure Car Rent - Terms & Conditions

Pure Motorbike Rental - Terms & Conditions

Hirer & Driver

Hirer must be 20 years of age or older with a major credit card in his name. A valid Thai, Overseas or International driver's license is required. The license must be in English characters. 

Documents Needed

On the date of rental, hirer and driver have to present their passport, driver's license and credit card.

Rental Charges

Daily rates are calculated on a 24 hours period. Minimum rental period is 1 day. Excess hours are calculated at 1/6 of daily rate.

Terms of Payment

The minimum payment of 500 Baht is due on reservation. Then estimated rental charge is payable on taking delivery of the motorcycle, and the final adjustment will be made on completion of the rental.

Delivery & Collection Service

There is no delivery & collection service for motorbike. Hirer has to pick up and return motorbike at Pure Car Rent office.

Protection Package

Compulsory insurance is included in rental rates. The insurance covers only for personal injury up to 80,000 baht per person. For any loss or damage to rental vehicle or any property belonging to any other person or third parties, the hirer has to take all responsibilities.

Extension of Rental

Should you wish to extend your rental beyond the agreed terminating date, it is important that the rental agreement be extended. Failure to do so may mean the hirer will be reported as acted as contravention of rental agreement. Late return will be charged at 1/3 daily rate per hour.

Cancellation Fees

If the reservation is cancelled, an administration fee of 500 Baht will be charged. There is no refund for early return of vehicle for any reason whatsoever.

Travel Restrictions

Vehicles can only be driven on sealed/bitumen roads. Restricted area of use may apply.

Rates, Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice.
** This is a brief summary of terms and conditions.**