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Why Pure Car Rent?

 All vehicles are maintained to the highest standards

    Good cars, not only because they are clean, but they have to be in the best condition to ensure your safety driving. All our cars are regularly checked up by authorized service dealers, and are always rechecked again by our staff. We also use genuine parts from the authorized dealers for the better performance and safety.

 Honest, reliable, and friendly business

    We think most people rent a car with the company they can trust, not because of the cheapest price. We offer honest and reliable services to our customers, with best quality cars and reasonable prices.

 The longest reputation in car rental in Phuket

    Obviously, if we didn't do a good and fair business, we cannot run our business until today. Our car rental business has been in operation since 1974, and is one of Phuket's leading car rental operators. That's a reason why we always have our new repeat and regular customers from around the world.

 No hidden extra costs

    What you see is what you pay! Tax, insurance are all included in our rental rates. We don't use the low price to attract customers, then charge more when they want to buy, or have some additional charges without prior notice.

 First Class Insurance Included

    For your peace of mind, all our cars are insured with first class insurance policy (for commercial use). Full comprehensive insurance (with excess 5,000 baht) is included in our rental rates, you don't have to pay any extras.

    Some car rental operators use cheaper personal use insurance policy for their vehicles. If you rent a car for those companies, it may cause you a big problem if you have an accident and insurance company denies liability.

    Insurance is one of the most important things you have to think about before you rent a car. If you have an accident while driving an uninsured vehicle, you may be in for some major hassles.

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